Who can visit the park?

The dog park is open to anyone. Children under 13 may be inside the off-leash area with an adult. You do not need to be a Mills River resident to visit the park. Dogs must be at least four months old, not in heat, properly licensed, inoculated, and healthy. There are no breed restrictions. Dogs may not be aggressive toward people or other dogs. If a dog shows signs of aggression, park staff has the right to ban users from the dog park.

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1. Where is the dog park?
2. When is the park open?
3. What if it rains?
4. Why is the grass inaccessible in the wintertime?
5. Who can visit the park?
6. How many dogs can I bring?
7. Can we bring treats?
8. What if my dog gets bitten by another dog?
9. What if a dog bites a human?
10. What if my dog is bad?