Funding Requests

Town Council has elected to allocate funding opportunities in two phases of approximately $1.1 million each. The first phase includes $500,000 for land conservation and preservation, $500,000 for property acquisition, and $100,000 for nonprofits. The second phase of funding will be discussed around late summer to early fall of 2023.

Qualifying nonprofits will soon have the ability to request funding for one-time expenditures. Examples include new equipment or vehicles, building improvements, or other capital needs. The Town is currently committed to a cost-share amount of 90-10, which means the Town would fund 90% of the cost of a purchase and the nonprofit would be responsible for the remaining 10%. See below for an example for the purchase of a $40,000 vehicle. 

New vehicle - $40,000

Town Match - 90%

Nonprofit Match - 10%

$40,000 x 90% = $36,000

$40,000 x 10% = 4,000

Based upon the number of applications received and financial feasibility of the selected projects, the Town may opt to lower its match to something like 80-20. 

It is important to note that any nonprofit group applying for one-time ARPA funds is not disqualified from applying for operational funding needs or other resources during the usual budget development process in the spring of 2023. These are two different funding sources.

Details regarding the application process and materials will be provided as soon as they are available. The goal is to approve funding for qualifying projects in early spring of 2023.

Qualifying nonprofits are those which:

  1. Use a location within Mills River's corporate limits for its primary service place.
  2. Has an office in Mills River.
  3. Has a majority of Mills River residents in its service population.
  4. Conducts a majority of its activities and programs in Mills River.
  5. Is a regional organization which focuses a significant program in Mills River, but otherwise conduct business and operations outside of Mills River.