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To provide quality recreational facilities, parks, and programs, which are safe, diverse, and enriching to the Mills River community.


Our vision is to make Mills River a happier, healthier, and greener community through programs and places.

Core Values

Health and Wellness – We strive to provide the people of Mills River with opportunities to work on both their mental and physical health.

Conservation and Stewardship– We are committed to preserving, protecting, and enhancing our Natural Resources through education, conservation, and sustainable practices.

Safety – We work to provide safe and well-maintained spaces.

Accessibility and Inclusion – We ensure that everyone has access to high-quality parks and recreational opportunities.

Responsibility – We value efficient and effective management of our assets and good stewardship of our tax dollars.


Parks & Recreation Master Plan

In May of 2021, the Mills River Town Council adopted its first-ever Parks & Recreation Master Plan. This plan, created through community input and engagement, helps staff and elected officials understand the recreational wants and needs of the community. It serves as a guide for decisions related to recreation facilities, programs, and policies. 

The addition of special events and recreation programs, the development of the 21.5-acre Banner Farm Road Property, and the addition of Greenways and Trails were the highest recreational priorities identified in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Click the links below for PDF versions of our Master Plans.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Mills River Park Updated Master Plan

  1. Nicole Sweat

    Nicole Sweat

    Parks and Recreation Director

  2. Dale Collins

    Dale Collins

    Maintenance Specialist

  3. Michael Miles

    Michael Miles

    Maintenance Specialist

  4. Craig Arnold

    Craig Arnold

    Park Ranger

  5. Thaddeus Parr

    Thaddeus Parr

    Park Ranger

  6. Michelle head shot

    Michelle Simpson

    Recreation Program Coordinator