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The Town of Mills River began assessing taxes upon its Incorporation in June 2003.  Town Council has worked diligently to ensure that the tax rate remains low.  The 2016 tax rate is $0.09 per $100 of valuation.  In addition, the Town contracts with Mills River Fire and Rescue and collects taxes for it at the rate of $0.09.  The full tax rate is $0.18 per $100 of assessed valuation.


Mills River offers fire protection through Mills River Fire and Rescue, law enforcement supplemental protection through Henderson County Sheriff's Department, planning and zoning services to manage growth, and a street lighting program to increase safety at key intersections and along key stretches of main roads.  See also:  Services

When are taxes due?

            By North Carolina statute, property taxes become due and payable September 1st.
Taxes are due by January 5th of the following year.
Interest will be added on January 6th.

How is interest calculated?  

              Interest begins to accrue on January 6th at the rate of 2% for January, and 0.75% for each additional month thereafter until the debt is paid.

Town of Mills River
(828) 890-2901
Office Hours are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday-Friday

Henderson County Tax Assessor

(828) 697-4870

What if I have a mortgage?

            If a property owner has a mortgage which escrows for taxes for the Town of Mills River, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure payment.  If the mortgage company contacts the Town prior to bills being mailed in any given year, the Tax Collector will forward the bill directly to the mortgage company for payment.

Why do I receive two tax bills, one from the Town of Mills River and one from Henderson County?

            Property taxes are assessed by both the County and Town for provision of different services.  North Carolina Statutes dictate which services shall be provided by either a county or a town and give each the authority to assess property taxes to pay for those services.

Why should I be obligated to pay taxes if I did not receive my bill?

TAX BILL NOTICE:          North Carolina General Statute § 105-348 states:

“All persons who have or who may acquire any interest in any real or personal property that may be or may become subject to a lien for Taxes are hereby charged with notice that such property is or should be listed for taxation, that taxes are or may become a lien thereon, and that if taxes are not paid the proceedings allowed by law may be taken against such property.   This notice shall be conclusively presumed, whether or not such persons have actual notice.”